• Alex Lee


中名: 金邊五角大兜蟲/粗尤犀金龜 學名: Eupatorus hardwickei cantori 產地: 中國雲南盈江縣 (Yingjiang County, Yunnan, China)



This species has five thick and short horns, with a shiny black body surrounded by golden yellow edges. It is not difficult to think of the origin of its common name in Chinese (Golden-yellow-edged five-horned rhino beetle).

E.hardwickei is not as widespread as the well-known E.gracilicornis. It can only be seen in parts of southwest China, Myanmar and Nepal, so the size of population of the former is a lot smaller than that of the latter. It is a 70mm+ large individual from Yingjiang County, Yunnan in these pictures.

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