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中名: 海神大兜蟲(原名亞種)/黑長戟大兜蟲 學名: Dynastes neptunus neptunus 產地: 哥倫比亞


本種分別有兩個亞種:原名D.n.neptunus 亞種以及D.n.rouchei亞種。而本次介紹的就是較為大型及常見的原名亞種,基本上在市面上看到原產自哥倫比亞或厄瓜多爾的皆為原名亞種。



This species has a samurai-sword-like head horn, and three pronotal horns, resembling the trident of Neptune, the sea god in Roman mythology.

There are two subspecies of the Neptunes beetle: D.n.neptunus and D.n.rouchei. In these pictures, is D.n.neptunus, the relatively large and common subspecies among the two of them. Basically, the subspecies that originated from Colombia or Ecuador are all D.n.neptunus on the market.

In terms of breeding, since this species inhabits high-altitude woodlands, the breeding temperature is recommended to be kept below 28 degrees Celsius, otherwise it may cause heat exhaustion and hence death of the beetle. The ideal temperature is 20-24 degrees Celsius. As long as the temperature is well controlled, the breeding will be no different from hercules beetles, but only with a longer larval stage, approximately two years.

It is worth mentioning that, like its close relatives, D.Satanas, the curvature of its claws are higher than that of the other members of Dynastes, the ratio of the length of the limbs are shorter too. It is speculated that the adults tend to dwell in the fallen leaves on the ground. The climbing ability is relatively weak, therefore they seldom climb to higher trees. When handling the adult of this species, try not to raise the beetles too high above the ground, otherwise they will be injured if they fall accidentally. Please be aware of this.

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